Woman: The Counterpart. The Ally-Protector Given To Men By God

Woman: The Counterpart. The Ally-Protector Given To Men By God

In The Beginning

God designed Women to be allies to their husbands, children, churches, and communities.

We’ve been taught that we should play the role of damsel in distress and await our prevailing savior/prince. But, God never said we were meant to do that.

We all love a nice prince-saves-princess story, but we also like a good Merida saved the family with her wits and bravery story.

I learned a valuable lesson while studying for a woman’s service that I had the privilege to speak at.

The lesson was based on Genesis chapter 2 when the Lord decided that Adam had an unmet need.

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone…

Adam had a problem and he didn’t even know it. Isn’t it awesome how our God knows us better than we know ourselves?

God started a special project on that very special day in Eden because of Adam. Thank you, Adam!

The Lord loves working on projects. He especially enjoyed working on the one He DESIGNED specifically and strategically to be with Adam. He DESIGNED the woman.

That is, God made a PLAN to create the woman.

When God works, He makes everything perfect and with purpose.

So, since purpose is  defined as the specific reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists, we can conclude that;

God PURPOSELY DESIGNED Eve to solve Adam’s problem.

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Gen. 2:18

The Purpose of God For Women

In the first and second chapter of Genesis, God gives Adam a purpose and instructions.

15 So the Lord God took the man [He had made] and settled him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it.

As we read throughout these verses, we find that the two “prototypes” of God’s perfect design were given a purpose and instructions. Adam and Eve’s job was to rule over Eden and tend to it.

He decided after he saw Adam working alone that he needed help so He created Eve.

God calls Eve a suitable and complimentary helper for Adam.

18 Now the Lord God said, “It is not good (beneficial) for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper [one who balances him—a counterpart who is] [i]suitable and complementary for him.” Genesis 2:18

I did a bit of research on these verses and found the original Hebrew and a more explained translation.

The original says that God would make him an ezer kenedgo.

The Hebrew word for “help” used here is ezer, and it is mostly used in the Hebrew Bible when speaking about God’s help. It was also used a few times when it referred to Israel’s allies during times of war. And, the only other two times it was used was when God created the woman out of necessity.

Kenegdo tells us that Eve was a person who was similar to Adam, who corresponded with him, who was his equal counterpart.

Kenedgo can be translated as “in front of”, “in sight of”, “opposite to”, or “surrounding”.

So, an ezer kenedgo is an ally that is protecting.

You see, women are not a weaker version or assistants to men. God created women to be protector/ally to her counterpart.Click To Tweet

Ezer Kenedgo

This revelation is so mindblowing because I’ve seen so many times how women are treated as second rate or a bit lower than men. This holds true in all aspects of life.

I find it interesting that God made it very clear, since the beginning, what His purpose for women was.

He made us very capable and compatible allies that could protect our counterparts, families, churches, and communities.

Tonight I’m sitting in my bed next to my counterpart and I can’t contain the swelling of my heart as I think of the divine revelation the Lord’s given my husband when he sees me.

I’m his ezer kenedgo, his compatible and protecting ally.

He knows I will fight like a warrior for what I’m entrusted with and I will protect with nails and teeth till the death.

I was PURPOSELY DESIGNED to be that. I didn’t have to become one I was born that way.

I’m an ezer and I will PROTECT my assigned area.

How are you protecting your area? Are you struggling with your divine purpose?

I pray you are encouraged to take on your divine purpose and calling from now on. My prayer is that you feel emboldened to spiritually birth out the type of marriage that is capable of taking on the fiery darts of the enemy.

I wrote this letter to my husband tonight thinking of how SACRIFICIALLY we learned to love each other. Tonight I pray so that you will be inspired.

You For Me

I hear you breathing in your deep sleep and a soft snore escapes you as your body struggles to rest. You’re physically and mentally exhausted and even in your resting state, it’s evident that your body and mind were pushed to their limit.

Only You give so much of yourself every day. You for me.

You embody the love of which the Bible speaks of in Romans. That a man should love his wife as Christ loved the church. Christ died for His bride. Every single day you allow your wants, desires, goals, and even a bit, your body to die for me. You for me.

How? You work your fingers bare to fix and build for me. Carrying physical and other weights on your work-strengthened back for MY comfort. You go without so that I can have more. Your nights are shorter so that I can sleep longer. Your days are longer so that you can be with me longer. You for me.

Why? Because you love me. I know. You said. You showed me. I saw it. I still see it. You gave yourself for me. You for me.

Me For You

I lay by your side aware of your love and in between deep sighs my heart swells. You silently amount, through hard work, proof of my worth to you. And in the mount of evidence, I’m finally convinced of it too. Me for you.

I’m driven to you because of every decision you make to protect me as if I were your own heart. Me for you.

And daily, for the way you respect me with an attitude of esteem and loving kindness, I too will fight for you. Me for you.

I love you for loving me. Me for you.

As you’re emboldened by our love I notice you. Then, prefer you, treasure you, honor you and still choose you.

You for me and me for you.


The Ally-Protector Given To Men By God

10 thoughts on “Woman: The Counterpart. The Ally-Protector Given To Men By God”

  • Wow – an amazing reflection of why God crested woman. I do still feel that society sometimes does place women as just the help, not equal partner in a relationship. I think it works best when each is an advocate for each other. I started a blog about 10yrs ago, but it didn’t take off. Only did it by myself, & felt isolated.

    Then my husband starts one 2 years ago – but then I didn’t support him! We know have come to each other’s rescue to create our site together —- and it’s been the best working relationship so far!

    Great piece! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to getting to know you and more of your work!

    • Congratulations to you and your husband. Working with your spouse comes with its challenges but also with great satisfaction and rewards. It takes a great deal of humbleness and courage to admit that sometimes we, as much as our spouse, are dropping the ball. Keep on going! Keep supporting each other and take on the world together.

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  • This is really beautiful! Jesus has such a tenderness towards us women. We don’t realize the influence that we have in Jesus over our hubbies and kids. When we spend time talking about our family members with Jesus, our prayers are POWERFUL! We just don’t realize all that He has equipped us to protect and steward. We truly are not helpless in Christ! XO Donna

    • Hi Donna. I love the way you say this. It’s so very true, “…we don’t realize how much influence we have… equipped to protect and serve. Truly not helpless.” It can be rather difficult for a woman who has been drilled with thoughts of inferiority to see past that cloud. Fortunately for us the Lord is raising up a strong group of women that are spreading the truth. Let’s not stop. Yeah?

  • Beautiful reflection on why God created women. We were indeed an answer to a problem. Adam had a problem he wasn’t aware of but God had a plan. As women it’s important we seek God for our husband, family, & communities because he already know our problems & has the solution. This encouraged me to be more diligent in seeking God to be a better helper.

    • I’m happy this encouraged you Tara. I pray the Lord will keep guiding us so that more and more women can be aware of their importance. To realize that we are the solution and not a problem, as some have been lead to believe. Be blessed.

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