Rearranging Our Hearts This Christmas And Remembering Why We Celebrate

Rearranging Our Hearts This Christmas And Remembering Why We Celebrate

Losing Focus And Finding It Again

Sometimes we lose focus of the important things because we are in a rush.

I want to share how I almost got sucked into the overwhelm of the season and how I rearranged my heart to prioritize correctly.

Christmas In The South

Decorating for Christmas is meant to bring the family together and give you all kinds of good feels.

Today we tried to finish hanging the ornaments on our half-lit tree, and our state of Texas didn’t get the memo that we should be cold right now. We tried getting into the Christmas spirit in 82 degree-weather but it’s very hard to do.

Don’t worry, tomorrow we have a cold front coming in. We’ll see how long that will last.

So yes, Christmas is supposed to bring us all together and create in us a feeling of goodwill and cheer.

As I was hanging ornament after ornament and looking at the boxes of decorations that just kept piling in the living room, I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious about the season.

We didn’t feel that warm fuzzy feeling that we usually feel as we decorate the tree. Today, the only things that we were experiencing during our jolly activity were humidity, sweat, and frustration.

Slow Down

I know, this is not very festive. But, as soon as I realized what was going on I immediately stopped. I decided to hold on the decorating until I rearranged myself. Most importantly I had to get my heart in sync with the real reason for all this commotion.

It’s so easy to get all worked up on the decorating, and the party planning, and especially in the gift giving.

I want to remind you to slow down a bit. I said it during Thanksgiving and I’m saying it again as we see Christmas fast approaching. I’ll probably say it again because we just can’t seem to do it.

We rush, rush, rush and we end up back in the same place.


What Christmas Is About

Christmas isn’t about the presents, and the decorations, or the parties, Christmas is about sharing the story of Christ. It’s an amazing story, the very best to learn.

Christmas is a present on its own. We get to remember the story about the Father’s love. Then, we get to enjoy the gift He gave us by sending Jesus to be born in Bethlehem.

The Father sent SALVATION to earth and instead of focusing on that, we are anxious about decorating a tree that we brought INSIDE our house, and then we get some light and we set them OUTSIDE. Geeze.


Our priorities shift a bit during the fast holidays. It may be because we only get a few hours in-between all the other responsibilities to plan and execute all the customs we love, but we end up prioritizing incorrectly.

Today my goal is just to nudge you a bit and remind you that our hearts will never truly be in the Christmas spirit if we don’t think about the real reason why we celebrate.

For this day in the city of David, there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord! Luke 2:11Click To Tweet

Notice that it says FOR YOU. How humbling and lovely is that? A Savior born just for me, just for you…

This Christmas season, slow down and make your Savior personal. Introduce Him to your kids and family so that they can experience the true beauty of the season as well.

We celebrate the birth of our Savior, but we also have a few extra perks during these festive times like gifts, parties, and all the other customs we love.

Enjoy a nice warm, or cool day with family and friends but don’t forget the reason we do it.

Turn your lights on and see how much brighter our lives are when Jesus is invited.

Be blessed this holiday season and if you need to rearrange your heart as I did, please do. Don’t lose out, the season is just starting, start with the right foot forward.

Merry Christmas.


And Remembering Why We Celebrate And Remembering Why We Celebrate

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