About Me


This Is Who I Am

Hola, my name is Lucy and I live in San Antonio Texas. I’m of Mexican nationality and also American by heart. I’ve been living in San Antonio since I was eight years old. I have taken the city and all its cultural richness as my own.

I do a little bit of everything. Well, I try my hand at almost everything. But on some days, I try to do a whole lot of nothing. I love Jesus, my family, my home, I have a deep love of music, and I love serving others. Because of my love and gratitude to my God, I remain very much involved with my church. I am also an adult college student, studying Business Administration. My husband and I have built a lifestyle where I have ample opportunities to grow and learn, but most importantly to learn to love my own lifestyle. Every day is packed with opportunities for growth and enrichment and I woudn’t have it any other way.

The Origin of My Drive

I am a wife and mother to my three teens, as well as my teenage cousin, and my 20-year-old little brother. Yes, you read that correctly. Three of my kids are mine biologically, and the other two are not, but might as well be. They have been with me for almost four years and our family would not be complete without them. We’ve been through so many changes and adventures together. We even tried homeschool for a couple of years! What was I thinking? Ha! It was fun while it lasted. They all have so much to offer, and I can’t wait to see who they will become as adults.

My husband is my high school sweetheart and we have been married for 17 years. We were married right out of high school,  and have been together for 21 years now. We learned what true love is from loving each other, and we are much more in love now than we have ever been. He is my compliment and I am his. My husband is my joy and bliss and I am his, my partner and faithful companion as I am his. We are everything to each other. As I was saying, he is my anchor and I’m his. He is my world and I am his. No, we weren’t always like this… we purposely became this over many hard and difficult years where we learned and practiced denying ourselves and surrendering to each other.

Fun Times

We love to travel. Even if  it’s only a couple of hours drive out of San Antonio, we will make it as memorable as we can. We also like exploring our own city and at the same time expose our children to as much culture as we can.

We recently moved to our new home where we have over three hundred and fifty oak trees in our three-acre lot. Our days are filled with adventures that range from everyday chores like washing our trucks, to caring for an orphaned faun, to planning a festival attended by almost two hundred people. Yup, we’re just that random around here.

Family Matters

Besides my family I also have my immediate family, (my older sister and her kids and my little sister with her spouse and kids), who are the very reason I attempt everything and anything in life. We are like peas in a pod. My sisters and I are inseparable. We do everything together. If I’m involved in an event then they are involved as well. Our mother left to be with the Lord four years ago… she was our uniting force, our strength, and our foundation. We were molded and groomed, from her mind and heart, to bloom in the way we have done these hard years. From loss and tragedy, my whole family has grown and we have maintained our unity through it all.

Our family has grown so much, and it only makes our bond stronger. Both my sisters have the cutest and most stylish children. You’ll get to see their beautiful curls and dimples in my amateur photography.


We Party At Any Given Moment

My sisters and I also plan parties for everything and anything because…well, why not?! All the decorations, food, and inventions we think of all come from our brainstorming and Pinterest. Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Dia de Reyes is an occasion to get together and fix up a little shindig. We are known to go a bit overboard with the parties, but no one is complaining. Well, except maybe our husbands!

Our lifestyle is a bit different from other families but we make it work. Speaking of making it work, that is my whole approach to life as a whole. I make it work. Sometimes it takes a bit of tweaking, and sometime it may take a whole redesign, but we make it work.


My goal is to share the love that I’ve been shown, to encourage, and maybe inspire someone to look at life with my view. I hope I can guide you to see that a life worth living is the one where you make the time to do what you love with whom you love. And all the while growing and fulfilling your calling as a person who has much to offer. I want to infuse your day with positivity and the drive to do everything as if for the Lord.


I’m looking forward to getting to know you and for you to get to know me.




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